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‘Britain’s Missing Top Model’ Picks a Winner

Kelly KnoxPhoto: Courtesy of The BBC

After an excruciating first season, Kelly Knox has been named the winner of Britain’s Missing Top Model, the reality show in which disabled girls compete for what is undoubtedly a guaranteed spot in the top modeling stratosphere. Knox won a spread in British Marie Claire and representation by Take 2 Model Management. Born without a left forearm (something doctors tell the Daily Mail just happens “by mistake”), Knox says she’s always refused to wear a prosthetic arm and didn’t even classify herself as disabled until she went on the show. The other girls she beat out for the title suffered from things like deafness and complicated nerve disorders.

British Marie Claire editor Marie O’Riordan said, “To get disability discussed on the sofas throughout the land is no mean feat and using a popular format of a reality show was a clever way of seducing viewers into a more complex world.” You know she has a point — watching otherwise lovely girls argue over who’s more disabled is so seductive. Until the next season premieres to seduce us further, we’ll just have to keep track of Knox as she proves to the oh-so-accepting modeling and fashion industries that left forearms really aren’t necessary for models.

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‘Britain’s Missing Top Model’ Picks a Winner