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Christian Siriano on ‘ANTM,’ ‘Project Runway,’ and Fashion Week

Brilliant after all.Photo: Getty Images

We weren’t sure that Christian Siriano belonged on the list of the world’s great creative thinkers, but after talking to him at the opening of Nigel Barker’s photography exhibit “A Sealed Fate” last night, we can confirm with 100 percent certainty that he’s at least in the top ten. We were chatting, naturally, about America’s Next Top Model, when Siriano unleashed his creative thunder. “I don’t see everything but I’ve seen a lot of fashion challenges and I think it would be fun to mix a little Project Runway in there,” he said. “I think they should have the girls make their own clothes. They should totally do the runway and they have to put together the whole show by themselves. Like, you know, do everything with like stage set up, everything.” You mean— “Project Runway Top Model,” he said. Gasp! The thought gave us hot flashes.

But speaking of Runway, what does Siriano think of the current season? “Project Runway? It sucks.” He wasn’t impressed that the producers pulled the Gristedes card for the first challenge. “I just think it could’ve been a little more innovative. I actually think that some of the pieces were really creative. But last night’s challenge — I thought the clothes were horrific. I think the talent level isn’t close to some of the talent and designs we had on my season.” Siriano says he’s met some of the contestants personally (we’re guessing that means he appears in this season) and finds them “interesting,” but fears they’re more interested in getting famous than showing their designs (coughBlaynecough). “I can’t listen to somebody say ‘licious’ all day long to get it popular. It’s not funny to me. I really just can’t hear that.”

Siriano is also hard at work for Fashion Week! He’s showing a full collection on September 11, and has been preparing for it over the past few months (he does his production in midtown, so, you know, keep ‘em peeled). “I’ve been working hard, have a little team together,” he said. “It’s gonna be a big show!” —Jonna Humphries

Christian Siriano on ‘ANTM,’ ‘Project Runway,’ and Fashion Week