Christian Siriano’s Collection Debuts on Bluefly

Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly

Today Christian Siriano’s Project Runway prize comes to fruition. His collection for went on sale, and it looks like a few pieces have already sold out! In a video about the line he says it’s inspired by “some signature things” he showed in his final collection for Fashion Week “but obviously not as whoa.” The collection consists of only seven pieces in black and gold. (“Don’t you love the gold? It’s like tranny Klum on a budget! Oh my God, it’s fabulous!” Christian exclaims in the video.) And it’s not cheap — prices for the remaining pieces average $500. But are the clothes as fabulous as he thinks the tranny-Klum gold fabric is? Check out the photos for yourselves.

The look on the left is perhaps the most wearable of the bunch. That is, if you have the legs and height of a high-fashion model to pull off those skinny pants (we guess Siriano’s well versed in Williamsburg’s signature tailoring by now). Something about the puffy sleeves in the plaid taffeta jacket on the right seems a little butch, but it could look charming.Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly

More puffy sleeves! The “Posh” blouse on the right is the most expensive piece in the collection at $549 (the retail value of which, Bluefly claims, is $740). With the sleeves, the ruching, the gloves, and the hat it reminds us of Little Bo Peep gone bad. Though we find the sleeves distracting, we can’t fault the shirtdress on the right. Cute, flattering, wearable — way to go.Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly

Okay, we could definitely see Heidi Klum wearing the outfit on the left. Should she decide to tranny it up, of course. We could not, however, see her wearing the dress on the right. It reminds us of eighties prom attire. Or something the girlfriend of Star Wars’ C-3P0 would wear.Photo: Courtesy of Bluefly

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Christian Siriano’s Collection Debuts on Bluefly