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CK One Might Come Back With Aggy; Britney Goes Über-Blonde

Agyness Deyn and Kate MossPhoto: Getty Images

Calvin Klein supposedly wants to reintroduce the classic nineties scent CK One. But instead of calling on Kate Moss — the scent’s original face — rumor has it the brand opted for Agyness Deyn for the campaign, giving the tabloids another reason to pit the two against each other. [Haute Concept via Fashionista]

• Ferragamo Parfums is set to release a citrusy, floral, woody fragrance called Tuscan Soul in September. They call it a “lifestyle beauty project” and hope its success will pave the way for Ferragamo-branded spas. Imagine: a fashion spa! [WWD]

• Meredith Vieira says she’s against plastic surgery. Her secret to a youthful look is not having a secret. Why don’t we quite believe it? [People]

• Clinique’s Moisture Surge Face Spray contains aloe and comes in travel-size bottle, so you can bring skin refreshment wherever you go. It’s not like you’ll look weird walking around spraying yourself in the face or anything. [Daily Cookie]

• Lookie! Britney Spears is really blonde now! [Off the Rack/People]

• The Warren-Tricomi salon that opened at the Plaza Hotel three weeks ago is going to expand again at the end of the summer when they’ll offer full access to the hotel’s concierge service and room-service menus. There’s nothing like a $16 club sandwich when you’re getting your hair cut. []

• The Epicare So Easy ($17) is a facial-hair-removal tool that looks like a long, thin pen. Its tightly wound coils grab hair at the root. “So Easy”? Right, we remember the Epilady. And we say: Ow. [Beauty in Real Life]

CK One Might Come Back With Aggy; Britney Goes Über-Blonde