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Regarding André Leon Talley’s Skivvies, Credit Rating

Something might come between him and his Calvins.Photo: Getty Images

We were innocently perusing “Page Six” this morning when the following item concerning André Leon Talley sent us into a gossip trance:

The 6-foot-8 Vogue editor at large was in Macy’s picking out XXL Calvin Klein thongs, but was thwarted when he tried to open a store credit-card account, our spy said. “He was denied and had trouble paying for it and had to come back… It was a big fiasco,” the source said.

Vogue confirmed that Talley was indeed shopping at Macy’s (a big admission on their part), but they claim he was buying Polo boxers, not Calvin thongs. (And sure, he could’ve been buying the Polo boxers, but do you really see André wearing boxers? No. No, you do not.) The spokesperson declined to comment on the credit “fiasco,” but if it’s actually true, you know what it means: Talley’s got some credit issues — just like the average fashionista. Huh. Who knew life at the top was so…totally the same? —Jessica Coen

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Regarding André Leon Talley’s Skivvies, Credit Rating