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Lauren Conrad Blogs About the Dog-Fashion Show Fiasco [UPDATED]

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Lauren Conrad is busy doing damage control after reports of her diva fit at Animal Fair magazine and the Humane Society’s charity dog-fashion show took the Internet by storm yesterday. Animal Fair magazine editor-in-chief Wendy Diamond told us the Humane Society spent $10,000 to get Conrad to appear at the New York event; she was supposed to close the fashion show but decided not to walk at the last minute. Amid all the negative press Conrad has realized she must take appropriate action, and react. Naturally, a MySpace Celebrity blog is her preferred medium of doing so. She blogs:

I have always been a supporter of animal causes. I own 2 rescue animals and this sounded like a great event. I agreed to pose for the cover of the magazine, host the event, do press at the event and donate clothing, all of which I did.
I was not aware of any other commitments. I was not paid to attend the event and my hotel room was donated to the charity. I also made a voluntary donation to the Humane Society for more then the cost of my airfare so there would be no expense to the charity. I have always been responsible and keep my word on all commitments. I am extremely hurt and disappointed that Wendy Diamond would go to the press and attack me with untrue statements. Anyone who knows me, knows this is not the kind of person I am or who my parent’s raised me to be. It’s just embarrassing that people are saying these things about me. I was trying to do a good thing and help out a charity by doing everything I agreed to do. I continue to support the Humane Society, as it is a wonderful organization.

Oh, Lauren! Even if you didn’t know in advance you were expected to walk in the show, why not just take the walk anyway? It seems someone as gung-ho about helping animals as you would gladly take an unplanned walk. Plus, it’s not like you had curlers in your hair and weren’t camera-ready. And we know you’re not spotlight-shy.

“Paws For Style” charity [MySpace Celebrity]
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Update: Animal Fair has responded to Lauren Conrad’s assertion she was never contracted to walk in the fashion show. It plans to release documents and footage from the event that prove she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. Here’s the full statement from Wendy Diamond:

Animal Fair magazine’s 9th annual Paws For Style benefit is where the fashion community supports the animal community by strutting the catwalk with dogs in one of a kind designer dog outfits. Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Heatherette, Rebecca Taylor, Hale Bob, Nanette Lepore plus others all designed one of a kind doggie outfits to be auctioned off on Ebay with all proceeds going to the Humane Society. Celebrities who have supported this event since its creation in 1999 (63 in dog years) include Hilary Swank, Hayden Paniettiere, Kathy Griffin, Richard Belzer, Dina and Ali Lohan, and many other celebs.

Lauren Conrad seemed so sweet and actually happy to be at the event, so personally I feel there has been a miscommunication, that’s all. And honestly, we have to thank her for creating so much controversy as it’s bringing more attention to what our Paws For Style event is about anyway, raising money and awareness for homeless animals. I’m not quite sure why she couldn’t just walk down the catwalk with the adorable Humane Society dog up for adoption, but other celebrities/socialites did grace the catwalk, Richard Belzer, Cornelia Guest, Nikki Blonsky, Alison Becker, which helped to raise money for the Humane Society, and that’s what the whole event is really about! Even after all of this Lauren Conrad’s and her rescue dog’s outfits she was holding and all the rest of the dog outfits are on and 100 percent of the money will benefit the Humane Society.

Wendy and Lucky Diamond are judges on Greatest American Dog on CBS Thursday nights - our vote goes to eliminate Lauren Conrad from participating in future Paws For Style events (I don’t think that will be a problem)!

Lauren Conrad Blogs About the Dog-Fashion Show Fiasco [UPDATED]