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Everyone Wants to Dress Like the ‘Gossip Girl’ Cast

Print this out and get thee to Barneys — all the cool kids are doing it.Photo: Courtesy of CW

Hey, fashion designers! Did you know that you could boost sales by slipping your goods onto the ladies of Gossip Girl? We know, call us Captain Obvious, but the Times “Styles” section points out this groundbreaking trend. Apparently, trend forecasters and retailers say the show is “one of the biggest influences on how young women spend.” This would be where we’d say “duh,” but that’s only because we actually watch the show and saw Serena in a Valentino gown and the many contests for Botkier bags.

Anyway, we digress. Girls find the characters’ style so amazing they often bring pictures of Blair & Co. to stores and ask for the exact looks. Nanette Lepore says “within days after one of our dresses appears [on the show], the store gets calls.” And Tory Burch says having items on the show “translates to sales” (though it seems these days just being Tory Burch translates to sales).

But what does all this Gossip Girl fashion madness really mean? We hope you dig the rich-schoolgirl look because it’s going to run rampant on these streets come fall. Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley notes “ritzy, preppy and collegiate looks” were big on the fall runways, especially Marc by Marc Jacobs’, Ruffian’s, and Henry Holland’s.

And yet, not all fans of the show are totally enamored with the clothes. Julia Sledge, 26, told the Times, “Sometime you see these girls from Brooklyn carrying Valentino bags that cost $3,000. That makes the show a little irritating.” Uh, has she seen Bedford these days? Maybe they’re not toting Valentino, but come on.

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Everyone Wants to Dress Like the ‘Gossip Girl’ Cast