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Foodies Lament Tribeca’s New Men’s-Only J.Crew

Sigh.Photo: Daniel Maurer

J.Crew is preparing to move into the old Liquor Store Bar space, and whether or not they realize it, they’re rubbing it in the face of foodies across the city. After the owner of the beloved bar was unable to renew his liquor license, the space remained vacant for a couple of years and finally J.Crew snatched it up for a men’s-only store. News of the move back in March caused foodies to cry in their pillows. And now, according to our brother blog Grub Street, J.Crew has placed a sign in the window that reads, “A MAN WALKS INTO A BAR AND ORDERS A MADRAS. HE WALKS OUT WITH A PAIR OF TROUSERS.” We confess we enjoy the pun, but it pains us more to see the food team crying into their lunches. So if you see a food blogger on the street today, pass him a tissue. Or if you’re feeling generous, take him for gourmet gelato.

J.Crew Lords It Over Late, Great Liquor Store Bar [Grub Street]

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Foodies Lament Tribeca’s New Men’s-Only J.Crew