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Gap’s Patrick Robinson Is Quite the Popular Fellow

Glamour’s Gap love.Photo: Courtesy of Glamour

There’s something about Patrick Robinson that’s getting editors all hot and bothered this month. August issues of both Glamour and Nylon featured a spread on the executive vice-president of design at Gap Adult and gapbody, a position he’s held since May 2007. Gap’s publicists must be tooting their own horns with this kind of grade-A placement. Sure, the theme of their issues is denim, but the very similar stories with the front man Pat? Consider eyebrows raised.

For Nylon, style director Dani Stahl did her monthly “Factory Girl” feature at the Gap Studios on West 18th Street, crafting a pair of Avery jeans for the occasion, even getting “Gapped-out from head-to-toe” to present her pair to Robinson for approval. As for Glamour, the writer took a more Harper’s Bazaar–via–Estée Lauder approach, dedicating six pages to styling Gap pieces next to a Q&A with the V.P. We never doubted Mr. Robinson’s lock on denim, and after eight pages in two glossies, we still don’t. So if that’s what the publicists were aiming for by planting this story two places, go ahead, toot that horn. We’ve had our fill of Gap denim for now. See more after the jump. —Sharon Clott

Photo: Courtesy of Glamour

Nylon gets Gapped out.Photo: Courtesy of Nylon

Gap’s Patrick Robinson Is Quite the Popular Fellow