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Garcia Is Saddened by ‘Project Runway’ Relocation; Klum Is Not

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The publicity blitz leading up to Project Runway is in full swing, but the media isn’t as interested in talking about season five, which was shot in New York and premieres tomorrow on Bravo, as season six, which will be shot in L.A. and, barring the freezing over of hell, air on Lifetime. Runway-ers like Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum are doing a pretty good job of dodging questions about the legal issues and their feelings surrounding the move to the new network. But Garcia let slip to the Boston Herald, “It is very sad. I’m saddened with the move.” Why, so are we! But you know who seems pretty okay with it? Heidi Klum. She told Access Hollywood about the move to L.A.:

“The designers are in the ‘Project Runway’ world — they don’t go anywhere apart from the house or Parsons or (the fabric store) Mood,” she said. ‘‘You can do that anywhere. You could do it on Mars, really.’’

That may be true, Klum, but Lifetime seems to see the move to L.A. as an opportunity to take the show in a new direction. The network’s CEO, Andrea Wong, told Entertainment Weekly back in April, “L.A. gives us Hollywood, red-carpet fashion, and more context for our challenges involving celebrity culture.’’ Uh-huh.

Klum also went on the Today show this morning to chat with Matt Lauer about the show. He brought up the lawsuit and tried to get Klum to say she’d prefer to stay on NBC (sly move, executives!). Watch some masterful question-dodging:

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Garcia Is Saddened by ‘Project Runway’ Relocation; Klum Is Not