Gareth Moody Would Move to New York for the Right Woman

You know you think he’s dreamy.Photo: Melissa Hom

Aussie beach bum Gareth Moody was one of the original founders of Ksubi (formerly Tsubi) in 2000, earning a celebrity following for the brand’s signature denim. Six years later, he went solo, creating his own line of unisex clothing, Chronicles of Never. Tonight, Moody unveils his spring 2009 collection (titled Black Nøise White Rain) and original artwork at menswear lair Assembly. We caught up with him to talk about Japanese trends and what every guy needs in his closet.

The name Chronicles of Never is a reference to the tale of Neverland. Why?
It’s a metaphor for the boy who never grows up and never lands. It’s also a speculation on life and death. My clothing is fantastical and mystical, but it has a morbid layer to it as well.

What inspires the spring line, Black Nøise White Rain?
It’s actually inspired by obelisks and their use by ancient pagans. I liked the concept of designing tailored, Egyptian-esque clothing, mixing modern and old-world elements.

Your line includes androgynous pieces, like unisex denim. Do you see that as a burgeoning trend?
It seems to be. Certain pieces — the jewelry, shoes, and some of the shirts, jackets, and oversize garments — definitely cross over. It depends on the silhouette.

Pagan-inspired looks from the spring 2009 collection, Black Nøise White Rain.Photo: Kane Skennar

Any advice for non-models on how to pull off the androgynous look?
[Laughs] It’s tricky, it doesn’t suit every frame. I like to pair a slim-fitted bottom with an oversize, masculine top. But we’re actually going to be introducing a couple fits exclusively for girls.

What trends do you personally like for fall?
I’m not really a trends kind of guy; I like what I like. Pretty selfish, huh?

What trends do you wish would go away?
I was in Japan recently, and there was this resurgence of bright, neon colors. I prefer organic, muted pieces.

Ever consider moving to New York?
Maybe if I found the right woman, I would.

Photo: Melissa Hom

GQ nominated you as one of their “Stylish Men of the Year” last year. How would you describe your style?
I’m quite a casual fellow, nothing too obnoxious. My style is very simple.

What accessory do you have your eye on right now?
I really just wear my own products. I make the clothing for me — it’s based around my own likes and dislikes. I generally don’t buy designer items. I’m more likely to buy vintage.

Who are your favorite designers?
I like a lot of Japanese lines, like Number (N)ine, Undercover, and John Galliano is amazing.

What should every man have in his closet?
A good pair of jeans, a three-quarter boot, and a nice low-heeled dress shoe.

What one thing can’t you live without?
I get stir-crazy when I’m not near the ocean. I grew up surfing, and I swim a lot in Sydney. —Lauren Murrow

Black Nøise White Rain Presentation at Assembly, 174 Ludlow St., nr. Houston St.; 212-253-5393; 7–9.

Gareth Moody Would Move to New York for the Right Woman