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Harvey Weinstein Voluntarily Forgoes His ‘Project Runway’ Emmy Nod

Harvey Weinstein, softy.Photo: Getty Images

Considering how nasty the fight between Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Zucker was getting over Project Runway, we were surprised to read in the New York Post today that Harvey Weinstein is giving up his chance at a Project Runway Emmy. Runway was nominated for Outstanding Reality Competition Program, but according to Emmy rules only fifteen producers can receive the honor and Runway has (gasp) sixteen. Rather than sticking it to the man, Weinstein decided to take his name off the list:

Top producer Barbara Schneeweiss told us: “I called up Harvey and said, ‘We have all these people who have worked so hard on the show who should be recognized.’ He was great about it and said, ‘I’ll take one for the team.’ ” Brother Bob Weinstein is still listed. Harvey told us, “I’ve gotten plenty of other awards. It’s the right thing to do.”

That’s very noble of him, isn’t it? Matter of fact it’s basically the opposite of how he acted in the hearing with Zucker about who gets the show. We wonder if he’ll bring such chivalry with him to the next hearing and let NBC have the show already so we don’t have to watch it go to Lifetime.


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Harvey Weinstein Voluntarily Forgoes His ‘Project Runway’ Emmy Nod