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Is Marc Jacobs Getting Married?

Summer love…Photo: WireImage

Marc Jacobs might get married this weekend, or at least according to a rumor reported on The story is that Jacobs will wed his Brazilian boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, in Paris — you didn’t expect him to hotfoot it to tacky California, did you? Over in France gays can legally “marry” by signing what’s called a civil solidarity pact. Sounds so simple. God forbid things were so easy over here.

Jacobs and Martone have been together for just about three months, so if this rumor is true, they’d be taking it at a Sarko-Bruni pace. But then again, Jacobs’s romantic exploits have been out of the tabloids for what feels like eternity — so really, he could be nicely settled down under a 7 million thread-count comforter with Martone in France somewhere, in that boring honeymoon phase of ordering Chinese food and watching Les Netflix.

Is Marc Jacobs Tying the Knot? [Fashionista via]

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Is Marc Jacobs Getting Married?