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Isabel Marant Fights a Knockoff and Wins in France

A black dress from Isabel Marant’s fall 08 collection.
Back off, Naf Naf.Photo: imaxtree

In America, when Forever 21 knocks off Marc Jacobs, there’s not really anything Marc Jacobs can do about it but shrug his shoulders and keep on keeping on. But if that happened in France, Marc Jacobs might be able to get Forever 21 in trouble in court. Such is the case with French fast-fashion chain Naf Naf. Isabel Marant took Naf Naf to court in Paris for ripping off a black dress from its fall 2006 collection. The court ruled that Naf Naf (gosh that name is fun) and its oh-so-appropriately-named supplier, Paris Paris, have to pay Isabel Marant $120,000 in damages for commercializing the design.

The French really must have a soft spot for high fashion. While the CFDA has been struggling to impose penalties on fast-fashion plagiarizers here for years, this marks yet another copyright win for high fashion in France. Just a few weeks ago, a French judge ruled that eBay must pay LVMH 40 million euros for selling counterfeit merchandise.

In Brief: Penalty For Copying [WWD]

Isabel Marant Fights a Knockoff and Wins in France