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Jude Law’s Dior Homme Sport Commercial Debuts

Jude Law for Dior Homme SportPhoto: Courtesy of Dior Homme

Dior Homme Sport’s new commercial features Jude Law running on the beach and frolicking in the surf. He almost doesn’t look like Jude Law. [Now Smell This]

• M.A.C makeup signed Indian designer Manish Arora to do a limited-edition color collection called Eyes on Manish. It won’t be available here, though. Why, M.A.C, why? [WWD]

Armani’s fall “Python” eye-shadow palette weaves three shades into a pattern that looks like python skin. Way to trick it out, Armani. [Makeup Divas]

• Here’s a peek at the Marimekko for Avon eye palettes, complete with the graphic flowers and interesting colors. [Beauty in Real Life]

• John Lewis beauty counters in the U.K. report self-tanner sales are up 51 percent, nail-polish sales are up 34 percent, and designer lipstick sales are up 20 percent. It’s because of the whole “indulging in little things during hard economic times” thing. [Guardian]

• The market for high-end baby skin and hair care is, dare we say, booming. Parents are increasingly willing to spend more for products with zero chemicals. [Street via Jezebel]

Jude Law’s Dior Homme Sport Commercial Debuts