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Lagerfeld Discusses His Childhood in a New Documentary

He knows we want more.Photo: Getty Images

Another Karl Lagerfeld documentary is in the works! Surely you haven’t forgotten last year’s Lagerfeld Confidential, which gave us an intimate look at Lagerfeld’s jewelry, iPods, and design process. The film’s other delights included shots of the Kaiser padding about the airplane in his kimono/traveling pajamas. Rarely has cinema felt so real or Lagerfeld so candid. (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, get thee to your nearest rental store stat.)

But while Lagerfeld Confidential focused on the designer’s present, the new film will also explore his past, including his childhood in Germany. Yes, Karl has roots:

Sharing memories of his mother, Lagerfeld recounts: “When I asked her to tell me stories, she would say, ‘Learn to read.’ And when I wanted to tell her one, she would come back with: ‘You may be four years old, but I am not.’”

Lagerfeld as a 4 year-old? There’s a mental image we can’t conjure. The new 52-minute documentary will play on French TV in October. So, French friends, if one of you could rustle up a DVR and an Internet connection and be so kind as to upload a copy of this the moment it ends, we’d be much obliged.


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Lagerfeld Discusses His Childhood in a New Documentary