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Karl Lagerfeld’s New Genderless ‘Kapsule’ Fragrance

You didn’t take him for a punner, did you?Photo: Getty Images


Karl Lagerfeld will release a trio of fragrances this November called Kapsule (har). Karl said the scents are genderless because “there is no gender in perfumes anymore.” Genius. [WWD]

• Jennifer Aniston spends $20,000 a month on her beauty routine, by this blogger’s calculations. [Styledash]

Kate Moss is venturing into makeup! She told Vogue she’s working on a second perfume and makeup for Coty, Inc. Because smelling like her isn’t enough. [Fashionista]

• Sephora will launch on10 this holiday season, a line with Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Snow White, Cinderella, and Alice on lip balms. Flavors include Tootsie Roll, 7Up, and Wrigley’s. [WWD]

• Speaking of Sephora, Happy Birthday! Our makeup wonderland/best friend turns 10 today. [Racked]

• A list of the ten most disturbing spa treatments includes snake massages, fanny facials, and six other ones we’re not lining up for. But the chocolate-fondue wrap (No. 6) doesn’t sound half-bad. [Divine Caroline via Consumerist]

Karl Lagerfeld’s New Genderless ‘Kapsule’ Fragrance