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Kitson Dropped Lauren Conrad’s Line and dVb Menswear

Victoria, Lauren, your time is up.Photo: Getty Images

L.A. boutique Kitson just dropped Lauren Conrad’s line. How surprising, right? “Sales were lackluster,” Kitson owner Fraser Ross told us. “Initially it was great.” Ross tried to get Conrad to do a personal appearance in the store but said her people couldn’t figure out a date. “They need to realize it’s no different than selling your album, your TV shows, your movies. You have to keep promoting it.”

Ross also confirmed the store will not carry Victoria Beckham’s dVb menswear line because of dwindling demand. So although yesterday a dVb rep sent us a statement that read, “The dVb men’s collection is on target to launch in stores for holiday 2008 as scheduled,” they won’t launch in Kitson. And when we called the rep back today to find out what stores the line would land in, she was unsure. She nervously said the line is being shopped around to retailers right now. That means it’s unclear which stores will wind up buying it and selling it. That also means it’s possible no stores will buy it at all.

TMZ just reported, “dVb is stripping any mention of Victoria off the [men’s] jeans actually to help sales.” But the dVb rep asserts the line will still be called “dVb by Victoria Beckham,” remaining unchanged. Huh. It all smells a bit fishy, no?

It seems the house of dVb is spending a lot of time these days trying to bury negative press. It’s a shame because it sounds like they could use that extra time and man power to get these pants on a sales shelf somewhere.

Posh’s Denim – Flop Spice [TMZ]

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Kitson Dropped Lauren Conrad’s Line and dVb Menswear