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Madonna Dresses Her Age. Is That So Wrong?

Oh no. Silk shorts.Photo: Getty Images

Let’s talk about Madonna and leave A-Rod out of it, shall we? Eric Wilson of the New York Times laments Madge’s fashion choices as of late:

For a performer who has spent 25 years shocking audiences into submission, through her lyrics, actions and attire, Madonna’s latest stylistic reinvention — timed to the start of a new tour next month — is mostly shocking for not having teeth.

He thinks the satin shorts outfit pictured here is boring. Her “American Gladiator” look on the cover of her new album doesn’t excite him. He’s also not a fan of her white matte face powder and extended eyeliner. He emphasizes that Madonna just hasn’t nailed down a look for this album by quoting folks who run Madonna fan sites. Jay Engel, 29, who runs Absolutemadonna.com said, “Maybe she’s uncomfortable and trying to figure out who she is at 50. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t say she feels very comfortable right now.”

But turning 50 can’t be her only concern these days. And weeks away from a full half-century of life, Madonna can’t do what she used to. We think she’d get more criticism than Wilson’s for strutting around in 2008’s cone-bra equivalent (which would be what — a leotard with a thong ass?). She can’t wear the same stuff someone like Rihanna wears onstage. Yes, her sweats (and giant guns) have made us feel like maybe she’s spending too much time at the gym. And we do wish her hair looked more washed than it has lately. But we love that she’s not just another tanorexic Real Housewife.

That said, her tour hasn’t even started, so we’ve yet to see the fully molded image. Isn’t her live show the highlight of every reincarnation? Surely she has some tricks up her sleeve for that, and we bet the Britney video is just the tip of the Madgeberg.

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Madonna Dresses Her Age. Is That So Wrong?