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Mango Heads to Iraq; One Gap Ad’s Tragic Photoshop Error

Photo: Courtesy of Gap

• Mango will open a shop in Iraq “very soon.” President of expansion Isak Halfon says, “The people are starving for something like this.” Probably a lot of other stuff, too. [WWD]

• When Photoshop attacks: Can you spot the extra arm in this Gap ad? [ONTD_FF via Fashionologie]

• Steve & Barry’s could file for Chapter 11 any second. [WSJ]

Donna Karan will show her DKNY spring ‘09 collection in the tents instead of the Steven Weiss Gallery in the West Village at Fashion Week in September. [WWD]

• Leonardo DiCaprio is collaborating with Jaeger-LeCoultre on two watches to benefit charity. They’re valued at $300,000 to $400,000. [Fashion Week Daily]

Heidi Klum is speaking out against plastic surgery, but before-and-after photos suggest she’s had a boob job herself. [models blog]

• Assless panties are all the rage. [BlackBook]

• Pete Doherty wants to get back together with Kate Moss. Apparently, he’s been texting her. [Mirror]

• Victoria Beckham’s plane was stopped on the runway in L.A. when a bird got caught in the engine. Passengers had to be escorted off, and she freaked because she had taken her makeup off and put on the plane pj’s. [Daily Mail]

• Rich people feel guilty when making big purchases; however, the discontent they feel if they don’t make a purchase outweighs the initial guilt so they may as well go ahead and keep on spending. [WWD]

Mango Heads to Iraq; One Gap Ad’s Tragic Photoshop Error