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Meet Tavi, the 12-Year-Old Fashion Blogger

This isn’t Tavi.Photo: istockphoto

So there’s a new blogger in town (if you can imagine). Her name is Tavi, she writes about fashion on her blog, Style Rookie, and she’s 12. As in years old. For some reason she has left people across cyberspace positively beside themselves. Nova Style writes: >

I am not exactly sure how old this girl is, but she has so much style it’s ridiculous. I honestly think she’s one of the most fashionable people I have ever seen.

Fashion Pirate names the blog on its list of top seven brilliant blogs: If we weren’t already married I’d move to Chicago and adopt her as my little sister. True story. Is my rabid fangirlism bothering you yet?

Um, kind of! So what sets Tavi apart from all those other bloggers no one cares about?

Her “about me” reads:

I like to think I’m a mix of Little Lu Lu and Iggy Pop, with a bit of Snoop Doggy Dog. I spend my time wearing out crayons and watching Arthur, and taking a rest now and then to try out the latest Margiela DIY, which has most recently resulted in a tire around my neck. I take part in a rap group with a pirate, and we write about Japanese designers and furry vests. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

If it weren’t enough that she calls out Snoop “Doggy Dog” in the same paragraph that she drops “Margiela DIY,” she’s “wanting” a “fringed vest” and “listening” to Feist. Her blog is full of pictures of her in trendy duds, like high-waisted pants and mixed floral pieces. She writes about what she wore to her friend Claire’s birthday party, thrifting, and Australian Vogue.

We’re not sure if a 12-year-old is actually doing all this or if she’s getting some help from a mom or older sister (some of the photos of her were definitely not self-shot). We’re also not sure if we think she’s the best thing since the Olsen twins like so many other fashion bloggers. What do you think? Are you a rabid Tavi fan? Or do you find all this fuss rather, well, irritating? Do chime in below in the comments.

Update: Tavi’s not only real, but she’s making an appearance in T Style’s August issue.

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Meet Tavi, the 12-Year-Old Fashion Blogger