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Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Knows His Boundaries

Now we know the secret to that volume.Photo: Getty Images

You’ll be glad to know Team Obama takes the matter of Michelle Obama’s hairstyling very seriously. Frederic Fekkai stylist Johnny Wright has been doing the potential First Lady’s hair for a year, after she liked his work for her Ebony photo shoot so much she rang him up and asked him back. And thus he’s landed the all-important gig styling Obama’s hair during the Democratic National Convention in Denver next month. He tells BellaSugar:

You know, I was very nervous with that particular booking. I was highly screened before I was even allowed to walk into her room — and I totally understand that. Whatever it took for me to be booked with her … It’s just great working with her. She’s never picky; she never asks me for things I probably can’t do. She’s very understanding.

Then again, it’s not like Team Obama-Wright have many options because, well, America would absolutely freak out if she did anything close to experiment with her style (but let’s be honest: “Flip-flopper” allegations get so old, so fast). Wright continues:

Cascading curls?! That sounds so lovely. Dramatic and daring. But is America ready for that? We’re not even sure we’re ready for that. We can only take so much fabulous.

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Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Knows His Boundaries