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Naomi Campbell Stars in Nick Knight’s Latest Political Movie

Naomi Campbell’s pissed. Look out.Photo:

Fashion photographer Nick Knight just unveiled his latest movie on; this one tackles “the outright taboo subject of racism in the fashion industry.” It stars Naomi Campbell wearing two dresses by Rodarte (drool), one black and one white (get it?). She points two handguns at the camera, and Knight’s words appear on the screen. They read:

I am virtually never allowed to photograph black models for the magazines, fashion houses, cosmetic brands, perfume companies and advertising clients I work for. Whenever I ask to use a black model I am given excuses such as “Black models are not aspirational in some markets” or “they do not reflect the brands values,” normally, however, no reason is given.

He goes on to say black models are “virtually unrepresented” in the fashion industry. And at the end of the two-minute film, Naomi puts those guns to use. Naomi wielding a weapon hits a little too close to home (it had to be said), but at least her rage is directed toward a good target. This one’s a must-see.

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Naomi Campbell Stars in Nick Knight’s Latest Political Movie