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Most Fabulous and Hideous ‘Project Runway’ Looks

Project Runway’s season-five premiere is just hours away. In a fit of excitement we glanced through the finale runway slideshows from the past four seasons. We had almost forgotten some of the most fabulous and hideous outfits that walked! We pulled the best and the worst so you can reminisce along with us. Let’s start with the good stuff.


On the left we have a creation from Chloe Dao (season two).Yes, it’s a baby doll, but the cut and fit on the bust are impeccable. In the middle, we have a look by Rami Kashou (season four). It looks like it walked off a real runway. Très chic. And on the right is a look from Jeffrey Sebelia (season three). It’s probably the best example of rocker chic from the series.Photo: imaxtree

On the left is a look by Jillian Lewis (season four). Again, this could have walked down a real fall runway. In the center is a look by Uli Herzner (season three). You forgot how lovely her collection was, didn’t you? And on the right — as if we need to remind you — is a look by season-four winner Christian Siriano. We weren’t a fan of some of his feathered creations, but this is one of the best looks of the series.Photo: imaxtree


Now for the fun part! On the left is a jacket by Chris March (season four), tricked out with human hair. Human hair and fashion have the same relationship as human hair and food: They’re awful when mixed together. The middle gray outfit is by season-one winner Jay McCarroll. We prefer our boots without enough fur to insulate a house. And on the right is a dress by Santino Rice (season three). If that model had lifted her arms, she would have flown away. And probably landed in a medieval fashion dungeon.Photo: imaxtree

On the left is a dress by Dao. Looks like a shower liner gone wrong. In the center is a swimsuit by Mychael Knight (formerly Michael), which looks like it could have been designed by and intended for a Star Wars character. On the right is a dress by Sweat P. Someone really should have taken away her glitter and paste.Photo: imaxtree

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Most Fabulous and Hideous ‘Project Runway’ Looks