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Ralph Lauren Banked in ’07; Ferré Closes UES Store

Ralph LaurenPhoto: Getty Images

Ralph Lauren made more than $34 million in 2007, about $8 million more than the previous year. Psh, just wait till he hears what our salaries are. [WWD]

Ferré closed its Madison Avenue store. They say they’ll reopen at a location that will “better enhance” their products, whatever that means. [WWD]

Diane Von Furstenberg was inducted to the Seventh Avenue Fashion Walk of Fame yesterday. [British Vogue]

• Usher hinted he might start designing lingerie, sunglasses, and accessories. God help us. [WWD]

• Warner Bros. is launching a reasonably priced Supergirls collection designed by Alice Roi, Lauren Poretzky of Abaeté, and Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss of Shoshanna. They expect it to make $10 million in wholesale in its first year. [WWD]

• J.Crew apologized for some technical flubs on their newly enhanced e-commerce site by sending a mass e-card to customers. [Shophound]

Lydia Hearst will host National Underwear Day festivities on August 3 that include ten underwear runway shows. [NYP]

• Victoria Beckham might take a break from designing jeans no one wants to play an English teacher in High School Musical 3. [MTV]

• It looks like Ireland is about to get its own Top Model TV series. We hope they don’t have addictive personalities or they can kiss getting things done good-bye. [Herald.ie]

• Here’s some more video footage of Christian Siriano’s Bluefly photo shoot. [MSN]

• The bookworm look is really hot right now. [WWD]

Ralph Lauren Banked in ’07; Ferré Closes UES Store