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Retailers Shun Men’s Jeans Designed by Victoria Beckham

Poor thing.Photo: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham was about to launch a line of menswear under her dVb denim label. But she can’t! According to This Is London, retailers don’t want to stock it:

So shoppers are going for, like, Rock & Republics over dVbs? Shocking. Maybe she should have stepped up her game in the promotional department and actually made an appearance at Kitson. You’ll recall that back in March Kitson’s owner, Fraser Ross, told WWD, “I’m fighting right now with Victoria Beckham’s people because she lives here in L.A., we sell her line and she won’t come in here to do an appearance. We have customers asking if she will come in and what am I supposed to tell them?” If she’s having trouble drumming up interest in her ladies’ pants, how is she going to get the guys onboard? At this point she should probably just head straight for a tabletop in a gay bar with her dancing shoes on. That would probably drum up some male interest.

Posh’s fashion career takes another blow as men’s line is pushed back [This is London]

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Retailers Shun Men’s Jeans Designed by Victoria Beckham