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Rogan Gregory’s Favorite Ecofriendly Fashion and Beauty Items

If you live on this planet, you’ve by now been swamped with so many organic products your head must be swimming. From bags to lipsticks to clothes — where can a novice green shopper turn? Well, we hit up an ecofriendly expert, designer Rogan Gregory, to help guest-edit our latest Shop-A-Matic. Together we found 93 products that are certified environmentally friendly, not to mention totally chic. We’ve rounded them up, from clothes to accessories to furniture and beauty products. So go ahead, be green. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

Clockwise from top, Converse shoe, Teich clutch, Mollie Dash bracelet, Korres guest kit, balloon dress, high-waisted skirt.

Scout by Converse
Price: $80
Why we like it: An update on a classic, these are made from hemp.

Scallop Clutch by Teich
Price: $200
Why we like it: Made using organic cotton, this neutral clutch is charming and laid-back.

Five-Strand Bracelet by Mollie Dash
Price: $115
Why we like it: Brooklyn-based artist Mollie Dash works with recycled materials, most of which she finds on the street. She also uses cotton and linen cord, rather than leather.

Guest Kit by Korres
Price: $34
Why we like it: Korres products are all made from almost 100 percent natural ingredients. This kit’s small size is ideal for traveling.

Balloon Dress by Kaori Yamazaki
Price: $280
Why we like it: Made from organic cotton, this dress is comfortable and stylish. You’ll find it at Ekovaruhuset on the Lower East Side, a store that sells only ecofriendly items.

Recycled-Wool High-Waisted Skirt by H&M
Price: $60
Why we like it: A high-waisted skirt is so now. And this one uses recycled wool, so it’s not wasteful. It’s too hip for its own good. —Sharon Clott

Rogan Gregory’s Favorite Ecofriendly Fashion and Beauty Items