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Siriano Fans Hate On Blayne Walsh and Girlicious

Christian Siriano and Blayne WalshPhoto: Courtesy of Bravo

There seems to exist a certain breed of Project Runway fan who so adores Christian Siriano, they’re determined not to let anyone from the new season overshadow him. After last week’s season premiere, they feared poor tan Blayne was trying to steal Siriano’s limelight by attempting to make “girlicious” the new “fierce.” So they’ve launched an attack in the media against him, proclaiming “girlicious” can never be the new “fierce.” (We just saw girlicious as the ill-conceived name of one ill-conceived outfit rather than an attempted catchphrase, but we digress.) The Daily News joins the attack against Blayne today. The paper’s so determined to ensure it doesn’t become the new “fierce” they called up catch-phrase experts to explain why it won’t work:

“It sounds strange,” says linguist Michael Adams, professor of English at Indiana University and author of “Slayer Slang: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lexicon.” “It’s got a stunt aspect, and stunt words remain stunt words.”
…”Girlicious made me roll my eyes,” says Robert Thompson, professor of TV and pop culture at Syracuse University. “It sounded like a self-conscious catchphrase created in the laboratory…Anything ‘a-licious’ has been so done,” says Thompson. “It’s so middle school. It’s such an old suffix.”

Thank goodness they called the experts to explain it “sounds strange” and is “so middle school.” If we may, doesn’t it feel like these people are omitting the most obvious point there is to make about girlicious? That it can’t catch on because it will make many viewers think of the overmakeuped inappropriately dressed young girls from the reality series of the same name? If you need us, we’ll be giving quotes to the Post (hair flick).

Blayne tries to fashion a new catchphrase on ‘Project Runway’ [NYDN]

Siriano Fans Hate On Blayne Walsh and Girlicious