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Skin-Munching Fish Make Feet Silky Smooth

The YSL bob.Photo: Getty Images


• Fish pedicures are the hot new thing at Yvonne Hair and Nails in Virginia. Instead of using razors to saw off dead skin, they use garra rufa, or toothless “doctor fish” that nibble dead skin and calluses off the feet. A fifteen-minute dunk in the tanks costs $35; 30 minutes costs $50. Didn’t we see Vanessa Williams getting one on Ugly Betty? Ew. [CNN]

• Anna Wintour’s bob is dated and Posh’s bob (the “Pob”) is out, so if you want a trendy bob, get the one models sported on the Yves Saint Laurent runway. Seeing is out. [Independent]

• Bond No. 9’s latest addition to the Andy Warhol collection will be called Lexington Avenue, named after one of Warhol’s first New York City apartments. The $135 bottle, decorated in colorful, high-heeled shoes, will launch next month, on what would’ve been Warhol’s 80th birthday. [WWD]

Givenchy created a limited-edition pocket watch that contains a tint called Sweet Dandy, which can be used on lips, cheeks, or face. We want. [British Vogue]

• Sephora came out with a $28 Lash Stash box, a pack of seven tester-size mascaras. Benefit’s A Little Bit BADgal is in there, as well as Stila’s Multi-Effect mascara. Sample, mix and match, whatever. [Pursebuzz]

• Here are nine beauty products you can use for both summer and fall. Ugh, do we have to think about fall already? [NYT]

• Rescue Beauty Lounge released three pre-fall pastel colors inspired by the sea: Bikini Bottom (a muted blue), Square Pants (a pastel yellow), and Starfish Patrick (a coral orange). The sea? Or SpongeBob SquarePants? [Makeup Divas]

Skin-Munching Fish Make Feet Silky Smooth