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So About Marc Jacobs Getting Hitched…

Marc and Lorenzo, sitting in a legally binding tree?Photo: WireImage

Did Marc Jacobs sign a civil solidarity pact with his boyfriend Lorenzo Martone in France on Sunday? Well, it’s kind of unclear. Yesterday Fashion Week Daily reported the rumors were false. But today the Post reports the rumors are true. Who are we to believe? Let’s retrace the rumor and try to decide.

Last week Fashionista breathlessly relayed that Jacobs and Martone would get married in France (technically that’s not possible since gays cannot legally marry in France; they can only sign a civil solidarity pact — but the point is still the point). But the Internet, like us, got excited, put on its stylish high-waters, and welcomed the rumor flood. While we were all busy oohing and aahing, however, The Daily decided it wouldn’t rest until it knew the truth, so they did what any hard-hitting team of journalists investigating matters of far-reaching global importance would: They checked Facebook and put in a few calls to France. Here are their findings:

• On Friday Jacobs changed his Facebook status to “Marc Jacobs is very busy.”
• A member of the press office at Louis Vuitton said Jacobs was in the building.
• A store manager at the Marc Jacobs Palais Royal boutique in Paris said he hadn’t seen the designer and didn’t know anything about his private life.
• A salesperson at the Bleecker Street Marc Jacobs store here had heard no reports confirming the rumor, adding, “I am sure they would have sent something out. But one of my friends told me about the marriage. I have no idea if it’s true or not.”
• Davé Cheung, chef at restaurant Davé, which Jacobs frequents, hadn’t heard the rumor, but noted gays can’t marry in France yet.
• Jacobs is taking a trip to Ibiza soon, but he’s been planning it for months.
• A rep for Louis Vuitton in France said, “They’re just rumors.”
• A rep for Jacobs here said, “Marc did not get married — nor does he have any plans to.”

That sure is a nice long list of facts. But today “Page Six” reports the two were “married in a civil solidarity pact” on Sunday in France. Here are their findings:

• An insider told the paper, “He’s totally excited. He said he’s head-over-heels in love with Lorenzo. His life is coming together now.”
• Jacobs can’t take a honeymoon yet since he’s preparing for New York Fashion Week in September.

So … Fashion Week Daily, WTF? But oh, how tempting it is to believe “Page Six”! Especially when the rumor is this good. We guess we’ll have to play hooky track him down in Ibiza and find out. If we return with our memories intact, we’ll let you know what we find.

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So About Marc Jacobs Getting Hitched…