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Taz Arnold Isn’t Just ‘Fascinating’ and ‘Cubist’ — He’s a Designer!

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Yesterday we introduced you to Kanye West’s fashion-show companion whose “Cubist” style Cathy Horyn found “fascinating.” We find him fascinating too. And thanks to our trusty commenters we now know his name is Taz Arnold and he’s the front man of Sa-Ra Creative Partners. We also learned from this video on that he’s a designer. He makes plastic versions of his signature knuckle rings (he says Rihanna has the bright-pink ones we are now coveting), and he’s designing the first line of clothing for handbag- and luggage-maker MCM.

Arnold is a fashionisto in his own right. He told Joel Marasigan in April 2007:

When you see me dressed tripped out it’s because I grew up in a certain era. I’m mixing and matching different extremes. So when you see me its not some random craziness—there’s a history behind all that stuff. And for the record I’m not a fashionable person. Fashion is a pre-packaged style. I’m more a style person. It’s about being original and being an individual. My look is my personal style.

Arnold also just launched his solo music career, and you can scope out more of his style in the music video for “Vote Obama” here. On behalf of our commenters, you’re welcome, Cathy!

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Taz Arnold Isn’t Just ‘Fascinating’ and ‘Cubist’ — He’s a Designer!