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The New Guess? Campaign Is Sadly Inspired by Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse and Nicole Trunfio.Photo: AFP/Getty Images, WireImage

Designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, and Giorgio Armani have fawned over Amy Winehouse, and now Guess? is jumping on the bandwagon. The New York Post reports the rep of its new campaign star, Nicole Trunfio, says the model’s look was inspired by Winehouse. It “mimics the singer’s iconic thick black eyeliner and infamous beehive, adding a little rock and roll to their pinup image,” the rep told the paper.

Winehouse has been absent from fashion news and many designers’ lips lately — appropriately so considering her poor health. The fun world of fashion doesn’t quite thrive on celebrities so troubled they’ve put themselves in the hospital. And maybe it’s just us, but we’re guessing most women don’t look at her these days and think, Gosh, I want to be her! Maybe Guess? should take a cue from Lagerfeld, Cavalli, and Armani and seek inspiration outside of Winehouse and offer women another view of chic. After all, Winehouse will probably still rock the hive and eyeliner when she recovers, at which point we can resume obsessing over them non-eerily.


The New Guess? Campaign Is Sadly Inspired by Amy Winehouse