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Tim Gunn: Cindy McCain’s Updos Are Far Too Taut

Michelle Obama and Cindy McCainPhoto: Getty Images

Cindy McCain has nothing on Michelle Obama in the fashion-world-popularity department. Obama’s boat of lovers includes Vogue, fashion designers like Francisco Costa, and now Tim Gunn. As the subject of Time’s “10 Questions” column this week, he answers the question “Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain?” This is the answer you’ll find printed in the magazine:

“Michelle Obama. Absolutely. She looks so comfortable and relaxed in her style, in her fashion, and she exudes that. She has a presence that gives you confidence in her.”

But that’s not Gunn’s entire answer. Thanks to the magical Internet, you can watch Gunn deliver his full answer on video. It seems Time edited this little gem out of the printed article:

Cindy McCain looks like someone has twisted her ponytail into a knot and tried to give her a face-lift.

Don’t you love how Tim Gunn puts into words what you never knew you always wanted to say? Click through for the full video.

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