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Tim Gunn Used to Do ‘Project Runway’ for Free (Updated)

Catch you at 9 EST tonight, Tim!Photo: Getty Images

Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Zucker weren’t the only famous fellows to take the stand at the hearings to decide if NBC has rights to Project Runway over Lifetime. Tim Gunn testified, too! Can’t you just picture Gunn and his incomparable posture taking the stand with a chuckle and tug of the lapel? And then answering questions with the quizzical frown he adopts when he secretly thinks someone’s design is really, really ugly? It’s a cute mental image. What was revealed on the stand, however, was not so cute: Harvey Weinstein didn’t pay him a dime for his first season on the show. And he got only $2,500 an episode for the second season. Hm. This begins to explain why Gunn has always said he doesn’t have heaps of money to spend on clothes and gets $14.50 haircuts. He was thrilled just to be involved in the first place, such that he didn’t even demand fair compensation from Harvey back in the early days.

But we sure hope Gunn’s getting much more cash now since he is, after all, the biggest breakout star of the whole series and the best thing the show has going for it. Especially in a season as unimpressive as this one.

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Update: Our bad! Tim Gunn did not actually testify in the hearing, but rather it was Harvey Weinstein who took the stand and spoke of Tim Gunn’s past pay rates. We guess we got a little overly excited by the image of Tim going to court.

Tim Gunn Used to Do ‘Project Runway’ for Free (Updated)