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When it Comes to Babies, Tom Ford Is No Movie Star

Tom Ford.Photo: WireImage

Remember how Tom Ford told Fantastic Man magazine he wanted a kid? Now he tells Fashion Week Daily he regrets it!

“What I learned from Fantastic Man–and from saying that–is that I will never say anything about it again. I would love to be a father; I’ve often commented about it. I don’t know whether I will. As we say in the fashion industry, I don’t have anything in the works at the moment. When I do have a child, I will simply announce it, and then that will be that. No one will see the child and the child won’t be photographed. It’s a private thing.”

Okay, Tom. We wish you luck with that because, though it’s an admirable idea, we have no idea how you’ll manage to do it in today’s day and age (ahem, Brangie). Especially since no one wants to see Michael Jackson and the Blanket, Part II, The Sequel.

We’ll Never See Tom Ford’s Child?! [FWD]

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When it Comes to Babies, Tom Ford Is No Movie Star