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Lauren Conrad Explains Why She Slighted Marc Jacobs

Lauren Conrad, when she wasn’t meeting Marc
Jacobs.Photo: Getty Images

We suppose it’s rather endearing that Lauren Conrad admits to getting starstruck. But there are times when young aspiring fashion designers really ought to get over those nerves, namely when they have the opportunity to meet Marc Jacobs as Conrad did on The Hills last year. You may recall she barely made eye contact with him when she came face-to-face with him. She told FabSugar why:

I met Marc Jacobs when we were filming and I got so nervous when I saw him that I didn’t really know what to do. I was trying to act cool, but I didn’t even stand up to shake his hand. I actually came off a little bit too cold, like I didn’t really care and I felt kind of bad. I get really starstruck over really random people and designers.

It’s so painful to relive! She not only admits to slighting him (which seems odd since Marc is a particularly friendly, chatty fellow in person), but then goes on to say she prefers Karl to Marc. Oh Lauren, that’s when you say you just like them both.

Lauren Conrad Prefers Heel to Flats and Karl to Marc (!) [FabSugar]

Lauren Conrad Explains Why She Slighted Marc Jacobs