Why Are Shorts Suddenly Okay This Summer?

Oh, look! Shorts! (Badgley Mischka, spring 2008.)Photo: imaxtree

Today’s Observer tackles the question of why so many women are in love with shorts this summer — or why, really, this seems to be the summer when even non-shorts-wearing types are wearing shorts, even to go out at night. It’s reported that offices across the city are in love with them — women in shorts even mix with women in business suits! But still — why shorts? Why now? One woman chalks it up to the trend effect du jour, the crappy economy. That must be why shorts are so big this year! But Vogue’s Sally Singer isn’t going to hear any lame financial excuses. She notes that shorts were all over the runways last spring and that the profusion of shorts isn’t news. In fact, we’re all missing the real story:

Ms. Singer argued that shorts are not really news. “What is new is the profusion of funny pants on the runway,” she said. “The droopy crotch, I Dream of Genie type of number that blurs the line between skirt, pant and odd object—that have made the Bermuda or the abbreviated clam digger suddenly seem very neat and tailored.”

So just as urban women come to terms with their upper thighs, we have to move on and tackle droopy crotches? Well, it’s not like arguing will do you any good. Consider this a heads-up for early September.

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Why Are Shorts Suddenly Okay This Summer?