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Will Young Designers Make It to Fashion Week?

Fall looks from left, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, 3.1 phillip lim.Photo: imaxtree

We know times are hard out there for us budget-conscious shoppers, but for the good of our city’s Fashion Week and fashion scene, we urge you to save up some dough, get your butt to Barneys, and buy something by Alexander Wang from the sale rack. According to the Imagist, shoppers are not only buying less, but waiting until the end of the season to hit the sales (story of our lives). And the labels they purchase are bigger names like Balenciaga, Lanvin, and Prada. Items by younger designers like Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, and 3.1 phillip lim are left hanging. Here’s what the Imagist writes about a conversation he had with a luxury retailer:

“Does that mean you’re going to jettison all the kids,” I asked. “They’ll be the first to go,” she nodded sadly. In fact her hiss to me was that a whole flock of the young and hyped would NOT be showing in September and even if they could scrape a collection together, we’d be more likely to see “intimate presentations,” instead of full-on fashion shows.

The thought of losing all those shows because designers can’t finagle funding is distressing news indeed. Last season Alexander Wang defined “killing it” when he sent disgruntled-looking models in ripped tights down a runway filled with fake smoke. Proenza Schouler created one of the most gorgeous collections of the whole season. And who doesn’t look forward to Phillip’s show?! We thought fashionistas in this city wanted to discover young designers rather than buy what everybody else buys. Between now and September Fashion Week, let’s all say a few prayers for the young’uns. And if you’re really rich, throw them a fat check, would you?


Will Young Designers Make It to Fashion Week?