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American Apparel Opens in China; Danity Kane to Design Jeans

Danity KanePhoto: Getty Images

• China gets its first installment of American Apparel this weekend, with a store to open in the World Trade Center in Beijing. Because every city needs a go-to for lamé leggings. [WWD]

• Danity Kane is designing a line of jeans for Dollhouse. That is just so fitting we can hardly stand it. [TeamSugar]

• Design You Trust has declared Louis Vuitton the world’s most counterfeited fashion brand. They’d probably agree considering all the lawsuits they file. [Design You Trust]

Peter Som on predicting trends: “I wish I could — then I’d be living on a beach in the Bahamas … We do our homework, but success is definitely not a science.” [British Vogue]

• At Fashion Week next month designers like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Vera Wang will check show guests in with “Events GPS, a technology that uses bar codes, scanners, and color-coded virtual seating charts.” You know, so they’re less likely to start an hour late. [BizBash]

• Seven for All Mankind will expand in Asia with plans to open 30 to 40 new stores in China over the next five years, a slew of new in-store shops in South Korea. [WWD]

DKNY will team up with City Harvest, the nonprofit food rescue program, to make over fifteen of its vans inspired by its fall/winter campaign. [British Vogue]

• Will Harley Viera-Newton, Dior’s newly appointed D.J. and Internet “It” girl, get booked like crazy for New York Fashion Week? Elite seems to think so since they made a very special comp card for her. [Models.com]

• Elettra Wiedemann founded “JustOneFrickinDay.com,” an organization that, among other things, is raising funds to build the first solar-powered hospital in Burundi. She enlisted Chris Benz, Rogan, Rag & Bone, Phillip Lim, Giambattista Valli and others to create limited-edition T-shirts for online sale to support the cause. [Fashion Week Daily]

• Heidi Montag released a new single called “Overdosin’,” about “when you fall in love with someone … and [you’re] just overdosing off of their love.” Listen while watching a brilliantly assembled photomontage of Montag frolicking on a beach and stuff. [Us]

American Apparel Opens in China; Danity Kane to Design Jeans