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André Leon Talley Will Not Style Michelle Obama

André Leon Talley and Michelle Obama, not shopping together.Photo: Getty Images

We’ve diligently restrained our excitement about the remote possibility of André Leon Talley trying to meddle with Michelle Obama’s style, and it’s time you did, too. What calmed us, you ask? Well, hunted Talley down at Michael’s and asked him about the pesky rumors that he was advising — or at least trying to advise — the potential First Lady on her wardrobe choices. He swiftly dismissed them, adding that the first time he met Michelle was at the Calvin Klein/Vogue fund-raiser in New York in June:

“[L]et me go on record saying that I have never, ever given her any advice on what to wear. To put the record straight, I think that Michelle Obama does not need advice.”

So he didn’t help her select the Isabel Toledo gown she wore to the fund-raiser, nor did he help her pick out the White House/Black Market dress she wore on The View (which isn’t surprising because we wouldn’t expect White House/Black Market to be one of Talley’s go-tos) — but he was quite fond of both outfits. He also compared her to Jackie Kennedy:

“She has, in many ways, taken some of Jackie’s elements of simplicity, elegant restraint, three strands of bubble-gum pearls, the flip of hair, solid colors, simple lines, and clothes—and it’s working for her. I think she’s incredible.”

We concur.

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André Leon Talley Will Not Style Michelle Obama