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Aubrey O’Day to Star in Richie Rich’s New Campaign and Runway Show

Aubrey O’Day: We don’t know how we resisted
fondling her, um, vest, either.Photo: Getty Images

Hairspray and Making the Band star Aubrey O’Day will walk the runway for Heatherette designer Richie Rich’s new Hot Topic collection during Fashion Week, the Danity Kane singer revealed at last night’s Traitor premiere. “I’m walking in Richie Rich’s new line. He was from Heatherette, now he’s got a line called, um … Celebut…,” she turned to her friend to ask. “I think it’s Celebutante.” Bingo. Diddy taught her well: Correctly stating the name of that which you promote is paramount to modern-day celebrity success. “Lydia Hearst and I are the new models for the line, so we just shot that a couple days ago, and I’m walking in his show on the 9th.”

The ad campaign is raunchy acrobatic, O’Day explained: “It’s a dark circus theme. We had circus acts, and we had dangling people and the contortionists and the whole circus basically. And Richie was like the circus master, and Lydia and I are like the little circus princesses.” Shot at a pier with an actual traveling circus, the photos will appear on the invitations and video from the shoot will play during the runway show. “I had to dangle from, like, the trapeze, and there are a few topless moments,” she divulged. “We had to move our bodies in a whole bunch of weird ways. I really feel like I could join the circus after this shoot.” (Will Hairspray close in time to live this dream?)

During the shoot, Rich didn’t seem to miss co-Heatherette designer Traver Rains, who’s out in L.A. working on independent projects of his own, she said. “I mean, I’m in a group, too — where you just need to go do your own thing for a while. That’s how life works.” Mm-hm.

But O’Day’s Fashion Week plans don’t stop at, um … uh … Celebri — Celebutante. She’s also working with Elle on “possibly” showing her own line during Fashion Week, but her publicist pulled her away before we could grill her for more on that. Alas, we did not get to ask whether the feathered vest and knee-high python patterned boots she wore at the premiere were her designs or Rich’s.

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Aubrey O’Day to Star in Richie Rich’s New Campaign and Runway Show