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Bebe Brings Hervé Léger to the Masses

From left, Hervé Léger; Bebe.Photo: Hervé Léger, Bebe

We have to admit that we have this strange fascination with Bebe. We’ll come across super-cute blazers or a really solid pair of high-waisted sailor pants and swear Bebe’s our new BFF. We’ll start pawing through the rest of the store, emboldened by our new finds, thinking, Oooh, maybe they’re taking the line in a new direction? Then we come across things like this and wonder, Are we pushing them too hard?

We know we can be difficult. But then we saw these Hervé Léger–inspired dresses, which have all the bandages of the originals and not much of the high-fashion polish. As the Division Street blog points out, “It was only a matter of time [before] Bebe would fall in love with the body conscious Hervé Léger masterpieces and replicate them for their sluttier fan base.” Ouch. The original dresses are hard enough to pull off, but we dare say a cheaper version wouldn’t be nearly as flattering (and not just because of the price tag). —Noelle Hancock

Band of Imitators: Bebe [Division Street via Racked]

Bebe Brings Hervé Léger to the Masses