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Black Lip Gloss Is a Fall Must-Have; Max Factor Biography Hits Shelves

Black lips in Yves Saint Laurent’s fall show.Photo: Getty Images


• Last week we told you about Lancôme’s black lip gloss, but turns out Yves Saint Laurent has one too, called Pur Black. While Lancôme’s is $40 on preorder, this designer shade is $28. So get goth already, won’t you? [Blogdorf Goodman]

• Max Factor died in 1938, but his son Frank changed his name to Max when he took over the company so the transition would be seamless. That’s dedication! The rest of Factor’s life is told in a new book titled The Man Who Changed the Faces of the World. [NYer via Jezebel]

• In the promo for the Tricia Sawyer line, the model’s mascara application is so busted. How is that supposed to sell makeup? Seriously. [Musings of a Beauty Muse]

• British shoppers spend $555.42 a year on health and beauty products. Little things add up. [WWD]

• Solange Knowles is giving Rihanna a run for her money in the manicure department. Beyoncé’s little sis was spotted with black and white polka-dot fingernails, which we actually kind of liked. Kind of. [Bella Sugar]

• China Glaze’s new nail-polish set is called Rodeo Diva and features colors like Midnight Right (an eggplant shade), Rodeo Fanatic (a metallic teal blue similar to M.A.C’s Whirlwind), and Cowgirl Up (a berry-violet hue). [All Lacquered Up]

• Turns out Hot Topic’s polish shades aren’t so bad! You’ll like Sugar Plum and Neon Pink, if you’re into the super-bright stuff. [Casual Lavish]

Black Lip Gloss Is a Fall Must-Have; Max Factor Biography Hits Shelves