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Carla Bruni Talks Lovers, Drug Lyrics With Barbara Walters

Photo: ABC News

We’re assuming most of you didn’t stay in on Friday night to watch Barbara Walters interview Carla Bruni on 20/20. But you may as well have — because as far as we’re concerned, Carla, as one of the most addictive people on the planet, is giving alcohol a run for its money. And what do you think Babs and Carla’s girl chat was about, hm? Sex, drugs, and rock and roll! Well, basically those things. Babs asks Bruni what the lyrics in her new album (coming out in the U.S. this week) mean. “‘I am a child despite my 30 lovers’ — is that autobiographical?” Babs pries. “No, of course not,” Carla answers. “But twenty lovers doesn’t sound good, ten lovers doesn’t sound good … I’m talking about phonetics for the song.” But that’s not a good enough answer for Babs, God bless her. “So not 30 lovers — how many lovers?” she asks. “I never counted my lovers,” Bruni counters. “I was 40 years old when I met my husband and of course I was not a 19-year-old young woman, so I have a past. And I can joke about it in my song, but the truth is I have a past and I don’t think it’s shocking, you know? I think it would be shocking for me to pretend not to have any past.” Amen. Watch the whole video here, and hear Babs ask about the lyric about the orgy and the one about Afghan heroin and Columbian white powder.

The Fascinating First Lady of France [ABC News]

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Carla Bruni Talks Lovers, Drug Lyrics With Barbara Walters