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Charles Nolan Wants to Make Dara Torres a Runway Model?

Dara Torres “on” a Charles Nolan runway. She belongs
there!Photo-illustration: Getty Images

WWD has a long article about how designers have been influenced by the Olympics. Because everything comes back to Michael Phelpsthe Olympics these days. Buried at the end of the piece is this golden nugget about designer Charles Nolan:

Nolan, who is creative director for the Kate Hill brand and designs his own signature collection, singled out Dara Torres, “the gorgeous blond 41-year-old swimmer.” When I saw a ‘Today’ piece on her a few months ago just after she qualified for the team, I thought how much fun it would be to have her in the show. She competed in three events and won silver in all three.”

This quote is a tad vague ,and we do wish WWD had elaborated more. But could it mean … he’s going to put Torres on the runway?! Because that would be ridiculously amazing. How many women can you think of who break world swimming records in the eighties, take a break from their career to have kids, and then make history as the first woman over 40 to swim in the Olympics in 2008? (Okay, so we’re being specific, but come on!) All the while flaunting guns bigger than Madonna’s and better abs than most men? Inspiration overload! Charles, this is a go. Just do it.

Designers Take Cues From Olympics Stars [WWD]

Charles Nolan Wants to Make Dara Torres a Runway Model?