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Christian Audigier to Make ‘Couture’ Clothes With the Eurythmics

Sweet dreams are made of … Christian Audigier? Who are we to disagree?Photo: AFP/Getty Images

What does Christian Audigier do when he isn’t busy painting swirly patterns on gold lamé leggings? He’s forging partnerships with random celebrities you thought may as well be left for the annals of Best Week Ever, that’s what. Today we learn he’s collaborating with one half of the Eurythmics, Dave Stewart, on a clothing line called Rock Fabulous. This, mind you, comes weeks after he announced Sarah Larson would star in his campaign and that he’s collaborating with Michael Jackson on a clothing line (we guess he has a thing for musicians of yore). Here’s how a press release describes the line:

The Rock Fabulous philosophy is about staying true to your dreams and aspirations. It’s making a statement with your attitude, a visceral and visual language. It’s about being brave enough to say, “I rock and I’m proud of it.” It’s about remembering who you are or, who you once were.”

Translated, that means we’ll be getting “premium couture” wares like hoodies and track jackets made with distressed, hand-printed, metallic foil art, hand-set crystals, and accent hand-stitching. And it doesn’t stop at clothing: The line also includes perfume and motorcycles, which we are genuinely surprised Audigier hasn’t hand-painted en masse and sold already.

’Rock Fabulous’: The Ultimate Rock Brand by Christian Audigier and Dave Stewart [Reuters]
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Christian Audigier to Make ‘Couture’ Clothes With the Eurythmics