Daisy Lowe Likes to Wear Pink Tutus

Photo: Andrew Woffinden

Daisy Lowe’s name became famous owing to her illegitimate father (Gavin Rossdale) and socialite mother (Pearl Lowe). But now the model is making her mark with her own style — so much so that photographer Steven Klein shot her for Italian Vogue in 2006 and more recently W. Plus there’s that whole Agent Provocateur campaign. But thankfully, she doesn’t take any of it too seriously. Our latest crush talks about pink tutus, Vivienne Westwood, and her Maltese puppy.

How would you describe your look?
It changes daily and mainly revolves around whatever makes me happy. One morning I wake up envisioning myself as part of a fairy tale and put on a pink tutu and the next day I go all gothic vamp with ultrablack nail varnish. It’s all about the mix.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
Summer staples for me include a pair of faded denim cutoff shorts, as beaten as possible, a boxy blazer, and a good waist belt, like the stretch ones from Miu Miu to add structure to the look.

Do you have a fashion mentor?
Vivienne Westwood. She is the most stylish woman in the world. She doesn’t look to anyone else for direction, and she doesn’t take fashion too seriously.

Who are your favorite designers?
Bar Vivienne Westwood, I am never let down by the consistently beautiful shapes of Alexander McQueen. For quirky kitsch, I am an obsessive fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love the details, such as the cute little bows. I also like Miu Miu for the color and its impact.

What designers or labels do you actually wear the most?
One of the best lessons my mother ever taught me was not to always rely on designers. Fashion at its best is when it is mixed up. If I had to name a favorite piece, it would probably be an all-in-one sailor striped jumpsuit by Marc by Marc – completely off-key!

Photo: Andrew Woffinden

First designer item ever bought?
A white grungy, graphic-print T-shirt from Vivienne Westwood. I still wear it today.

Where do you shop?
I am a huge fan of Geminola in the West Village for the long, beautiful dresses and the unusual accessories, such as the ribbon headpieces.

What are you lusting after right now?
The new Jimmy Choo sandals with the zip up the middle, which were used in the campaign. They are surprisingly rock and roll!

What’s up next?
I just finished the Converse and Agent Provocateur shoots, which should be out in September. I am now just going where the wind takes me. Ultimately I just want to have enough money to ensure I can look after my family. Admittedly not that cool!

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
My four-month-old white Maltese puppy called Uncle Monty. He always maintains a cheery outlook! —Davina Catt

Daisy Lowe Likes to Wear Pink Tutus