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Dear ‘Daily News’: The Wichcraft Coffee Guy Is Not One of ‘Fashion’s Most Powerful’

You tell ‘em, Anna! Marc is not a No. 3.Photo: Getty Images

New York’s media outlets are keenly aware that Fashion Week starts — egad! — one week from tomorrow. They’re also aware publishing something to hype it is probably a good idea. The Daily News, for example, published a list of “Fashion’s 50 Most Powerful.” Now, we understand that churning out a daily newspaper is grueling and time-consuming and that getting a handle on Fashion Week while the Democratic National Convention is going on is a lot to manage. But still, the paper could have put just a touch more time and thought into this list, which is so glaringly off. We can’t argue with putting Anna Wintour at No. 1. And though he’s helping to change Gap’s image, we’re not sure we’d put Patrick Robinson before Marc Jacobs. After the jump we list the people on the list we take the most issue with.

3. Marc Jacobs — The crown prince of fashion comes in at No. 3 — and yet, every girl we know owns, wears, and covets something by Marc. We’d inch him a little higher.
14. Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta — Granted both designers have a similar clientele, but lumping them together at a randomly low rank is just puzzling. Not to mention their pull within the industry and their great charitable deeds. Did you do your homework, Daily News?
16. Mary Giuliani —She’s the “caterer du jour for the style world (at least when it eats).” And she comes in above…
22. Patricia Field — The woman created the look of Sex and the City, which seriously influenced the way a lot of people view fashion. Strange that she’s below a caterer.
30. Michael Oliver —The store manager of Wichcraft in Bryant Park served 10,000 shots of espresso last Fashion Week. He is the 30th most powerful force in the fashion industry. Seriously.
37. Tory Burch — She just won a CFDA for accessories, and she’s below the Wichcraft barista.
41. Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, and the Project Runway team — Heidi Klum is probably seething she was left off, but Tim Gunn and Michael Kors not only should have separate entries, but clearly should be higher up. Every time Tim says something about how anyone dresses it becomes a major headline and we all know Michael’s sales are through the roof.
44. Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, and Francisco Costa — Wow. These are three of the most-lauded American designers of our time. And they’re tied at No. 44? Really?!

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Dear ‘Daily News’: The Wichcraft Coffee Guy Is Not One of ‘Fashion’s Most Powerful’