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Designers to Watch: Abigail Lorick

Abigail LorickPhoto: Courtesy of Lorick

Everyone’s always looking for the next breakout talent, but the tents can leave you feeling empty if you don’t know where to look. Hence, some guidance: We’ve got five up-and-coming designers to watch at the spring 2009 shows. This is our fifth and final installment.

Model leaves Paris and Milan to become a designer. Model turned designer’s clothing catches the eye of a TV-show stylist. Clothing then lands a starring role on Gossip Girl. It’s a story we’ve heard so many times… or not. Abigail Lorick’s clothing line, Lorick, doubles as Eleanor Waldorf’s label on Gossip Girl, guaranteeing that millions of young adults have seen her feminine, tailored looks in potentially scandalous situations—and what could be better promotion than that? So we’re excited to catch the spring 2009 collection this season. And not just because of the front row: The press has gone wild for the classic, clean, flattering lines.

See a slideshow.

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Designers to Watch: Abigail Lorick