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Dior Couture’s Profits Are Up; Posh Is Karl Marx’s Descendent

Dior Couture designer John Galliano.Photo: Getty Images

Christian Dior’s couture profits increased 5 percent in the first half. Blog high five, John Galliano! [WWD]

Agnes B on her ignorance-is-bliss approach to fashion design: “I never go to a fashion show. I never walk into a boutique. I almost never look at fashion magazines, except maybe if there’s one on the train. I’m innocent of what others do, and that’s how I got ahead.” [British Vogue]

• Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, is a descendant of German father of communism Karl Marx. [Reuters]

• Kelly Rutherford, who plays Serena’s mom on Gossip Girl, named her baby Hermès Gustaf Daniel Giersch because she loves Hermès so much. [NYP]

Alek Wek on her career: “I was told, ‘You can’t make it — you’re this, you’re that, your nose is too wide etc.’ I used to have psoriasis until about 12 years ago, which has always kept me humble … I said I’m not going to hide behind the curtain. We are beautiful because of our shapes. How boring it would be to be like a Cindy or a Naomi?” [British Vogue]

• Urban Outfitters has two new collaborations for fall: one with Grey Ant, which will release a “Grey Antics” line exclusive to the store, and another with Spring and Clifton, whose capsule collection will include zip-up jackets and gym-inspired suspender tops. [Nylon]

• Rachel Zoe will host a party during Fashion Week to kick off her new reality show on Bravo, the Rachel Zoe Project. [Fashion Week Daily]

• Some woman on Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list is having an affair with some man on Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list. [NYP]

• Paris Hilton is expected to attend a few shows during Copenhagen’s Fashion Week, which starts tomorrow. In the meantime, she’s doing a photo shoot for her accessories line. [WWD]

Dior Couture’s Profits Are Up; Posh Is Karl Marx’s Descendent